Sameer Shaikh

What's CMA?

Confidence Multiplier Academy popularly called as CMA is a confidence booster academy which is dedicated to train individuals to gain huge success in their personal and professional life. The Academy that has created buzz in the entire city and its popularity is increasing exponentially. The individuals trained or motivated in this academy have reached new dimensions in their life. Confidence Multiplier Academy has given Lucknow its first indigenously developed and sophisticated booster Academy. Within few months of its launch, the academy has created history by signing up a mass of young students, business man, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, self employed, housewives and writers. Mr. Sameer Shaikh (CMD – Dreamz Group) is a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, business coach, CEO Coach, corporate trainer and keynote speaker in this academy. Under his expert guidance CMA strives to offer personality development training and consulting in Lucknow, India.

Why Us?

Confidence Multiplier Academy is the Lucknow’s leading Confidence booster Academy that provides exceptional training to the individuals, with unmatched capabilities and a history of building tactical, customizable and insight-driven planning that maximize efficiency and results in changing peoples’ life. We are persistent about delivering life changing results for our individuals, trainee and associates. We only consider ourselves as winners when they perform. We set our objectives very clearly, measure our performance on their growth and execute our planning with consciousness. Sustained success is achieved through outcomes, not by organising seminars.

Who are invited to attend our seminars?

Our seminars are open for all those who want to be a Champion in Life which basically includes but not limited to:
• Sales Managers
• Businessmen
• Start-Up Enthusiasts
• Entrepreneurs
• Self Employed
• Creative Thinkers
• Business Women
• Professionals
• Corporate Officials
• Engineers
• Marketing Officials
• Students

We are better Together

Creating great impacts on peoples’ life by changing their life in a positive way is our aim. We ask for your presence and offer help to one another. We appreciate the power of diverse perspectives and look to satisfy them. We share information and endeavour to create an environment that welcomes and values everyone. We firmly believe that we are better together. We are tremendously responsive to requests, we seek to understand requirements and priorities and we proactively share our seminars on social media as well.